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Domestic violence can affect anyone of any sex, regardless of age, culture, ethnic background or gender.

  • 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse within their lifetime (British Medical Association, 1998)

  • 2 women a week are killed as a result of domestic violence (Home Office, 2000)

  • In the UK the Police respond to a domestic violence related crime every minute (Stanko, 2001) 

When considering the statistics above it is important to remember that domestic abuse is a hidden crime which is largely unreported, therefore it is likely that actual figures are higher than those presented.

Although crime surveys have found that women are the most likely victims of domestic abuse we do acknowledge that men can be victims too.

1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse within their lifetime.

If you are a male who needs help, please call (01872) 321575 or  01872 321546 to speak to the Norda Project who support men affected by domestic abuse.

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